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The Richards Group - Sub-Zero 



For this project, my class partnered with The Richards Group to assist them with one of their clients, Sub-Zero.  



With a dwindling market of Baby Boomers, adults aged 45-60, Sub-Zero finds themselves looking to attract the next generation of customers, Generation X (Gen X), adults aged 30-45. Moving forward, how can Sub-Zero increase brand awareness among Gen Xers and lead them to brand loyalty in the future?



  • Secondary Research:

    • Info Packet:

      • We were given a packet of information from The Richards Group 

    • Additional Topics: 

      • Generation X’s lifestyle

      • Generation X's perceptions and goals

      • Healthy living and Generation X

      • Generation X's shopping habits and media consumption 

  • Primary Research:

    • Survey:

      • 155 Participants

      • The survey was distributed to people aged 31-45 who have a Household Income of $100,000+

    • In-Depth Interviews:

      • We interviewed eleven individuals: Ten Gen Xers and one housing contractor



  • Key Insights from the Survey: 

    • 50 percent of the 155 participants were familiar with the Sub-Zero brand

    • They consider the kitchen to be the most important room in the home

    • The top purchase factors considered when buying kitchen appliances are reliability, appearance and whether it is a top of the line brand


  • Key Insights from the In-Depth Interviews: 

    • Sub-Zero is perceived as an expensive high-quality brand

    • Sub-Zero owners are perceived as affluent, older families

    • Generation Xers generally work 7AM to 7PM which influences their lifestyle

    • The factors they consider with kitchen appliances are price, quality and lifespan


  • Overall Insights: 

    • Gen X does not perceive Sub-Zero as an attainable brand and feel it does not fit their current lifestyles

    • Approximately half of Generation X has heard of Sub-Zero

    • Sub-Zero is a high-quality brand

    • Sub-Zero is for people who live luxurious lifestyles

Creative Brief 


Key Fact: 

Generation Xers perceive Sub-Zero as a high-end luxury brand. Today, more brands offer built-in refrigeration, a design concept Sub-Zero pioneered, making Sub-Zero’s costs less substantiated. These factors contribute to Generation Xers’ belief that Sub-Zero is expensive and too luxurious which does not match their current lifestyle.


Problem That Advertising Must Solve

Generation Xers seek goods that are high quality rather than luxurious.


Advertising Objective

Convince Generation Xers that Sub-Zero is an attainable brand.


Target Market

Couples between the ages of 30 and 45 with a household income over $150,000 who are seeking a high-quality refrigerator. These couples enjoy cooking meals and hosting gatherings with family and friends.


Creative Strategy

Demonstrate that Sub-Zero pioneered built-in refrigeration and offers customization for our target’s individual lifestyles.

My Key Contributions: 


  • Analyzed all of the in-depth interview data to identify key insights that were applicable to the overall goal.


  • Determined from the in-depth interview data, that one of the main overall insights about Generation X was that they do not perceive Sub-Zero as an attainable brand.


  • Contributed to the overall development of insights. 


  • Coordinated the flow of information between group members to make sure we met deadlines. 


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