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Razorfish - Coffee Brand

All of the following information has been edited due to Razorfish's request to keep the brand confidential.



Develop a strategic plan for how to spread awareness of the given coffee brand among millennial audiences. 


Millennials and the coffee brand are the perfect pair (budget-wise and cultural) on paper, but millennials are not currently connected to or very aware of the brand.



  • Secondary Research Topics:

    • Coffee consumption 

    • Typical millennial behavior

    • Millennials and coffee 

    • The coffee brand itself

  • Primary Research:

    • Survey

      • 115 survey respondents and 100 of them were millennials

      • Goals of survey research:

        • To uncover millennials’ coffee consumption habits as well as the factors that contribute to their buying behavior

        • To determine whether millennials are more inclined to try the coffee brand if it was available in more convenient locations

    • Shop-alongs at HEB, Fiesta and Central Market
      • Goals of Shop-along research: 

        • To observe consumer’s actions, choices and behaviors in the stores

        • Talk to employees about how quickly coffee products sell

        • Determine whether price is important when consumers chose a coffee brand

        • Determine what the process of picking a coffee brand at the grocery store is like

        • Observe who the coffee brands customers are

    • Taste tests in two different locations 
      • The first taste test was conducted at Independence Brewing Company and we had 20 participants 

        • In our secondary research, we found that millennials spend a lot of time in social groups around alcohol and that pairing coffee with alcohol is a rising trend. Because of this, we felt we could gain interesting insights at a brewery.

      • The second taste test was conducted at the Austin Stone Community Church office space and we had 13 participants 

        • In our original survey, we found that the majority of millennials consume coffee at their office or place of work. Therefore we wanted to test how effective it would be to target millennials in the workplace. 

      • For the experiment, we prepared the given coffee brand and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Then, we had participants taste them both without knowing the brands involved. After they tasted the two coffees’ we had them answer a few questions so we could have measurable data.


  • Millennials coffee drinking habits, are dependent upon the time of day and their own lifestyles. For example, millennials often work more than 40 hours a week, and this influences where millennials spend their time.

  • They are driven by convenience.

  • Time of day is also key with coffee consumption in this segment. We found that people generally drink coffee throughout the day, but depending on time, they are looking for different qualities in their coffee like caffeine versus flavor.

  • Our research confirmed that the given brand does have low brand awareness among millennials.

Top Secret Coffee Brand 

Creative Brief 


What is the problem we are trying to solve?

There is low brand awareness among millennials.


How can we solve the problem?

  • Getting consumers to see the brand as a quality brand that offers a refined tastes

  • We will solve the problem through partnerships, social media and Point-of-Purchase materials  


What is the Wrong to Right?

  • Millennials have the highest amount of debt for any generation, but have a wanderlust spirit

  • Wrong: Millennials and the brand are a perfect pair (budget-wise and cultural) on paper, but millennials aren’t connected to or very aware of the brand

  • Right: Increase awareness and become more involved in our target audience’s lifestyle


Who are we talking to?

  • Millennials ages 18-35

  • They visit local breweries and coffee shops for entertainment and socializing

  • They also work in offices where coffee is consumed frequently


Key insights

  • Time of day matters for coffee consumption

  • Millennials drink coffee to keep them awake because they work over 40 hours a week

  • The main reason millennials purchase coffee from the locations provided is for convenience

  • About half of millennial respondents drink coffee without anything added, which shows us that millennials like stronger coffee

What Would We Like Them To Think?

  • That in purchasing the brand they are getting a great value for their money

  • It is a brand that celebrates their adventurous spirits

  • We want to invite millennials to be coffee-enthusiasts by simply experiencing the brand

  • We want them to think it is a brand that can fit into their current lifestyle

  • It is a brand for all millennials not just specific ethnic groups


What Do They Currently Think?

  • They currently crave adventure

  • They feel that they are always on-the-go and that they do not spend much time at home

  • They feel that they can not afford to travel due to large amounts of debt

My Key Contributions: 

  • Team lead on finding secondary research for this project.

  • Analyzed and interpreted the data from the taste tests to influence our strategy moving forward. 

  • Coordinated the flow of information between group members to make sure we met deadlines.

  • Helped write and edit the required paper and creative brief. 

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