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Athlete Performance Solutions (APS) / Nike


For this project, we first interviewed the client to learn as much about the company and their current situation as possible. After determining their goals we wrote a case study on our client. Then after submitting the study to our professor, he determined what case study out of the three groups working with APS, would result in the most beneficial analysis based on the problem. We then reviewed the class assigned case study and used previous knowledge to evaluate what they could do to establish themselves as a retailer destination in the niche sports world through increased brand awareness. 


After identifying critical factors we began creating a multi-faceted recommendation for APS / Nike to utilize going forward. 


Critical Factors: 


  • Nike at the Forefront Instead of APS

  • Lack of Engagement on Social Media

  • Restrictions on Social Media




  • Branding Update 

    • At the time of this project, APS only referred to themselves as APS. We recommended that they keep Nike at the forefront of their customers minds by using both brand names in their logo, such as "Nike by APS"

    • This also adds consistency for the brand


  • Target Market Change 

    • We recommended changing their target market to 18- 25 year olds because data showed that more adults participated in specialty sports than kids 


  • All Non-Traditional and Traditional Media Alternatives 

    • Social Media

      •  APS should post more frequently on each platform as well as make sure they are responding to customers when customers post questions about products

    • YouTube

      • Utilize YouTube to generate and post content for free that can then be shared on social media platforms 

    • Website

      • Create a central location for all social media outlets 

      • Update layout to highlight all sponsors and update the homepage to mimic other elite brands 

    • Adwords

      • Use a flighting strategy 

    • Print

      • Create new advertisements for consistency to reflect other parts of the recommendation


  • Piggyback off of the Olympics with Social Media  

    • Increase the number of social media posts during specialty events APS sells products for to generate awareness and engage with their target audience 


  • Merchandise Customization 

    • Use existing NIKE technology to allow athletes to personalize products to create emotional attachment






My Key Contributions: 


  • Developed concepts for the branding update and all non-traditional and traditional media alternative sections 


  • Used secondary data to determine where to place the traditional and non-traditional mediums on the media calendar 


  • Created home page sample 


  • Used tables as visuals to express the current social media platforms of APS and their recent usage frequencies 


  • Coordinated the flow of information between group members to make sure we met deadlines 

  • Young Target Audience

  • Olympic Games in 2016

  • Budget 

New Nike by APS logos: 

View elements mentioned in the recommendation section below: 

  • linkedin.png
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