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My Key Contributions: 

  • Analyzed and evaluated our research to help identify the key insights for this plan.

  • Conducted research into our target market, UV exposure, and the different phase concepts for the multi-phase plan. 

  • Coordinated the flow of information between group members to make sure we met deadlines. 

  • Contributed to writing the plansbook and creative brief in addition to being the main editor for all materials.

Creative Brief 


Target audience

Adults with kids in a specific Texas city

Why are we advertising?

To increase awareness of the negative effects of UV exposure in its relation to skin cancer.

What do they currently think?

People know that sunburns cause skin cancer and to prevent it they should wear sunscreen, but it is inconvenient and annoying to do so especially when cultural norms and delayed effects reduce the incentive to practice safe sun exposure habits.

What do we want them to think?

Healthy and cancer free skin is 100% preventable. Safe skin exposure practices must become a habit and apart of everyday life to ensure that this happens!

Key benefit /Reason to believe

It’s been scientifically proven to reduce your risk of cancer.


To change behavior in the target city so that they are more aware of the importance of sun.

Are there any creative guidelines?

The tone should be persuasive, educational, relevant and conversational. 

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Some of the following information has been edited due to the client's request to keep the location as general as possible.



For this project we worked with MD Anderson Cancer Center to help them create a plan to address UV exposure. We were tasked to come up with an entire campaign or actionable plan that they can use moving forward. 


People are aware that excessive sun exposure leads to skin cancer and how to prevent it, yet they still do not take the proper steps to protect themselves. 



  • Secondary Research Topics:

    • General research into UV exposure

    • Specific research into the target city

    • Long vs. short term consequences of UV exposure

    • Sun Safety

    • The concept of "Nudging" to encourage behavior change

    • Habits that kids develop


  • Small nudges create lasting behavior change 


This plansbook was created to present our findings and multi-phase plan to our client. Feel free to click through the plansbook below.

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