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Distracted Driving Ad Campaign 

This Ad Campaign was designed for my advertising procedures class. We were put into groups of five and we had to create different posters to raise awareness, a radio ad, a newspaper ad, a commercial, a twitter account and a presentation to educate students about distracted driving. 


Within the poster designs we wanted to create different options for the ad campaign. Some people are more visual and others find deeper conections to ads through the copy. Therefore, within the campaign we created a variety of posters to be used in different locations. 


All of the posters stick with the theme of  Joining the Smart Generation, as well as using the hashtag #BeSMART. The headline, Is it Worth it? is also used. A combination of these elements allows for the posters to be consistient with the campaign. 


The ones that only have written copy were designed to be simple. Simplicity in the advertisements make them look clean and to the point.


The picture used on the poster and Lariat Ad was purchased from for use in our advertising and promotional materials to illustrate specific concepts and ideas. 

Twitter Account

@drivesmarttoday is the twitter account used to educate students to #BeSMART when driving. 

Lariat Ad


This is the ad we created for our school newspaper The Lariat. We were told the Ad would be printed in black and white, so there was no reason to add color. 


The Lariat Ad stays consistient with the posters with the theme of Joining the Smart Generation, as well as using hashtag #BeSMART. The thought provoking headline, Is it Worth it? is also present throughout the campaign. 


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